ENG1H AQA English Language Exam Answers and Resources Paper 1

Get model exam answers including June 2013, with examiners' comments. This is sometimes called AQA Unit 1 or Paper 1. It is the English GCSE or English Language GCSE code 4705 and 4700. This page is for those of you taking your exams in 2014 or 2015.

What is the best textbook to revise for the GCSE English Language Exam for AQA Higher? Get tips straight from a senior examiner on how to answer all questions in the reading section.

Paper 1 Section 1 Reading

Question ONE: What do you understand from the article?

Question TWO: How is the headline and the picture effective? Compare it to the text. Get model answers for question 2:

+ November 2012

Question THREE
What are the thoughts and feelings of the writer?
+ Model answer: June 2013

Question FOUR

What language effects does the writer use?

Section 2 Writing

Question FOUR
 Senior Examiner Examples
Question 5  

Question 5 June 2013
+ Model Answer - Best and the Worst Meals
+ Best and the Worst: Answer with examiner's comments
Model Answer - Write about a Time When You Needed Help

Question 5 or 6 Writing to Argue:
+ Celebrity Culture model answer

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