NEW Homework
write out your new spellings 5x each. Test yourself in half an hour and again in hone hour then again tomorrow.. They are on the photo I sent you :-)
Also write another 55 word story using five of the words from the list.
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Examples of how to describe place.
Description of the jungle (Heart of Darkness).
Week TWO
Read Ted Hughes' poem 'Wind
Write 150-200 words on: what language techniques does Ted Hughes use, and what mood or feelings do the techniques get across?
How does Ted Hughes use language to get across the idea of the argument in 'Wind'.
You should include: quotes that link up - colour, sounds (sensory language, onomatopoeia), unnatural imagery (oxymorons, hills moved, luminous black), fragile, hollow things, violent language and the idea of tension - grip, strained, any minute would smash it.
Some links to help you
You must include quotes to prove your point and please try to link them up and make sure you explain the detailed meanings in context.
+ write about a place you know well +
+ Write a short article about the best and the worst meals you have ever eaten. +

Homework for Izzy on holiday
There’s nothing finer than a perfectly fresh slug. Its soft undersides will tantalise your tastebuds. The wrinkled flesh is a food-lovers’ delight, a brownish grey similar to - but far finer than - any overcooked mushrooms’ revolting taste.

I like to use apostrophes. The apostrophe’s something which I think looks great splattered across the page. It’s nice with plurals and especially with the present tense, like runs, walks, jumps. Its curly shape thrills me, the tail’s end tickling the end of the word. Words just look better with apostrophes!
words without ‘- green
words with a ‘- blue
it is> it’s

its face = no apostrophe

1. the boys* downfall was sudden       *(could be boys or boy)
2. the governments policy was stupid
3. the womans face was like a squashed potato
4. the authors ideas are subtle

Improve your description and don't forget the capital letters.
Descriptions focussing on light

Sunlight cut the lawn into dark and brilliant, lime-green stripes.
Gold dappled the grass under the trees, patchy with moss and bare, brown earth.
Dust caught in the sunlight that slashed through the gap in the blackout blinds / velvet blinds.
Light filtered through the blinds, fine as tracing paper, silhouetted with the apple tree that tapped on the window in the middle of the night.

Shadows of the sand dunes stalked us, damply down the beach.
Shadows settled in the hollows of the house.
Darkness flooded the room as I pulled the thick, velvet drapes.

Descriptions focussing on colour
The butter yellow walls were touched gold with the light that streamed in through the window.
Plum coloured silk shimmered with light.
The turquoise blue bathroom sink was chipped.
The turquoise spread of the sea rippled like a bolt of silk thrown across the shore.
Blistering white sand dipped into the sea.
The thick grey paving slabs scorched my feet with every step as I hopped across the car park to fetch my flip flops.

I was trying to enjoy my magnum as a gust of sand stuck to my ice cream and tasted all gritty
As I was eating my magnum, a gust of ice cream gritted it with sand.

The school bully was surprisingly brittle and didn't like being treated how she treated us.
The air tasted brittle.

When i received my refresher i couldn't wait to tuck into the sticky object that was to irresistible i couldn't take my eyes of it
The rattan furniture rippled and creaked as I sat on it.

The silky bed spread covered the the small impatient child and sent her to sleep
The green grass snake slithered towards me with it's sinister look that made me more scared than ever

The flag furled and flapped violently over the lifeguard station.
The new paint felt like sandpaper.
The walls of my friends new house have just been painted but they feel like sandpaper

Click on the link. Pick five words and write a 55 word story using the words.