1. What are the three main problems of being lost far out at sea? (paragraph one)
2. What is always slipping through your grasp? (para one)
3. What does Gryllys say it means to be shipwrecked (para two)
4. What two things does he say the sea will do to you? (para two)
5. What was the record for the longest survival at sea? (para three)
6. What was the name of the person who had this record? (three)
7. How did he get wrecked? (three)
8. What things did he have to help him survive? (three)

Tricky Words
decrepit - adj, massively broken, decayed, ruined, or falling to bits
abominably - adv. terribly badly
stifle - verb. squash it, silence it
chivvying - verb. to hurry/ encourage someone
invalid - adj. either disabled or incapable OR doesn't count
institution - adj. important, official organisation
gusto - noun, enthusiasm
petulant - adj. sulky
ominously - adv. worringly
equestrian - adj. (horsey) to do with horses
impertinence - noun. rudeness
skittishly - adv. won't stay still
loftily - adv. mightily
vexed - adj. annoyed
impromptu - adj. spontaneous
gaunt -adj. thin and hollow
jubilant - adj. the biggest happiness and joy and feeling of awesomeness (I won!)
gastroenteritis - a bad stomach bug

observation (something you've noticed) noun (you can't hold it, like a potato, but you can give it to someone)
reprovingly (in a telling-off kind of way) adverb
resentful (bitter, won't let go of little things) adjective
affair (important happening) noun
desolate (really, really, really, really sad) adjective
evidently (obviously, as shown by the evidence) adverb
astute (very clever, sharp, wise) adjective
empathy (like kindness, thoughtfulness) adjective
guffaws (laughs in a jolly way, like Santa Claus) verb, or noun
decidedly (definitely) adverb
awe noun (massive respect, like you would have for God)
adjective is: awesome, awful, awe-inspiring
adverb: awfully 

Useful for Revision

12th November
Write a description of an explosion. Use plosive sounds. Also use some onomatopoeia.
For example:
+ porridge/jam tart explodes when you are making it in the microwave...
+ you are in a war
+ you are doing chemistry and something goes wrong.

Now use sibilant sounds to describe something soft, silky and gentle.For example:
+ your dog's fur (slinking, silky, soft, fox-labrador, box, scuffing through the leaves, stealing my socks)
+ soft, silky dress
Some vocabulary we have learned:
dusk, twilight, half-light (not quite light, not quite dark)
sunset (when the sun goes down below the horizon) - sadness, death, the end of things
sunrise, dawn (sun comes up) - can represent newness, freshness, hope, a new start
the verge - the edge, a border or the very limit (beyond which bad things will happen).

JUXTAPOSITION - deliberately putting two words, ideas or images close together to create a dramatic effect

Week ONE: Homework is to write a description of a place using some of the links below to help you:

Examples of how to describe place.
Description of the jungle (Heart of Darkness).