Plasticine, Shakespeare and More of My Favourite Things

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The blog has been up for just over a month now and I thought I'd mark the occasion! First, a big hello, and thank you to everyone who's visited, especially to those of you who keep coming back for more. I've made lots of lovely friends - with a big thank you to Emma at allwornout blog! This post is just for her.

First, I'd like to say that this isn't really a blog. It's a collection of teaching resources, ideas to help kids, reading lists, model essays and lists of technical terms. If the mosaic format is making you go cross-eyed, you can shift to a more traditional blog format using the menu bar in the top left. Watch out for the search panel hidden in the right hand side of the screen. One day I'll shift to a proper site with a proper design - still parked on

So what's going on with this not-quite-a-blog blog? Mostly I use it with tutees. Some posts I write in tutorials, but most are written at home to back up the work we're doing. Occasionally I post about the things I do with my own kids. There are three of them at different ages and abilities and I'm parenting - and providing - solo, so juggling this is an art form in itself. Find out how I'm managing this, and What to Do If Your Kids are So Eager to Do Maths That They're Beating Each Other here - in one of my favourite posts (below).
I've been on mumsnet for about three weeks - and just learned the rule about not-spamming. Oops! I've also joined the Student Room, to answer questions and help out. Hi guys!

So far, I've blogged for Britmumsmumsnet, and have just been accepted to blog for The Huffington Post, which is hugely exciting as it should be published for the first time this week with a teeny-tiny photo of me smiling like a fool. I've set up a mailing list for a magazine/newsletter coming later this month with lots of fun stuff, including answers to the riddles. The nice thing about this is that you can specify what help you want and what age group - so if you only want GCSE, that's all you get.

Over the next week, look out for posts about sentence construction, getting the Little Angels to use full stops without using violence, how to figure out whether 1056 will divide between three, six fun punctuation exercises and squillions of scintillating ways to start sentences. I've just got my hands on a tablet - best thing ever! - so look out for my weird sense of humour in cartoons about grammar like this one (left)! It's a big week for revision, so last, but not least, I'd like to wish luck to everyone who's revising - or trying to persuade their kids get working. There are posts especially for you guys here. If you want something special, just put a comment in the box below.

I'm off now to make Macbeth out of plasticine with my kids. Watch out for more photos of our friendly Scottish lunatic coming soon!