5 Jun 2014

Superfreak: Bad Monkey

Superfreak is here! It's a funny take on climate change, catapulting and embarrassing families with a bit of terrorism thrown in. The end of the world is coming. Are you ready?

This YA novel deals with the kind of things teens have nightmares about. Frank and Eris' dad is colourblind with no sense of shame. Their school uniform is rust orange blazers with bright orange ties. Frank can't throw straight and he's really starting to worry: can recycling yoghurt pots really save the world?

Read - and listen to - the first chapters for free. Learn about how the characters were created, how to build characters in your own writing. See concept art, and what bits of the story got chucked out because they were just too crazy.

"Hilarious, brutal, brilliant"


"A dazzling achievement"

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