8 Feb 2014

Panic Now - What is in the English SATs May 2014

In May, the English SATs for Year 6s will include a 45 minute Grammar and Punctuation test, plus a 15 minute spelling test. The writing test is no longer a formal paper, but is judged by the teacher. Here are the SATS dates for English: Monday 12th May: English Reading Test (all levels); Tuesday 13th May: Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Test (all levels). Get more information about how the tests are administered on the official government site here.

The new tests will include things like:

Spelling - the 15 minute test:

  • commonly confusable words: they're/their/there, who's/whose, it's and its, threw/through, aloud/allowed, bare/bear and more
  • more difficult confusable words like: except/accept, sort/sought and more
  • commonly misspelled words like: science, believe, friend, beautiful, because, necessary, and more
  • some tricky words like: accident, vehicle, deliberate, perception, accommodation, business, government, environment, dismiss and more

Punctuation and Grammar - the 45 minute test

This tests whether students can:
  • identify pick out parts of speech like verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, connectives and adverbs in a sentence. [I've put this into a more direct phrasing. Always, simpler words, and fewer words wherever possible. It doesn't matter if it's not 100% technically accurate as long as it is clear enough that the reader would know what to do. Avoid jargon wherever possible]; 
  • spot sub-clauses and main clauses; 
  • reorganise sentences; 
  • put apostrophes in the right place; punctuate don't, let's, I'm, won't, etc, correctly; 
  • put commas, colons, semi-colons and full stops in the right place; 
  • re-write sentences as direct speech, and correctly punctuate speech. [bullet point formatting is. Blah blah: // - blah; // -blah; // - blah.

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