22 Jan 2014

Writing to Describe: Baking

Here is a mindmap to give you ideas for writing to describe baking. It includes all the ingredients with describing words, sensory language, similes and personification. Scroll down to get inspiration for how to start, with graded examples.
Thin, silvery sunlight streamed in through the kitchen window as we swept the surfaces clear. I can taste the sweet, buttery foamy cupcakes already and we haven’t even started yet. I grab flour, sugar, butter and almost drop the eggs. [top grade]

We were in the kitchen clearing the worksurfaces. Silver-coloured sunlight came in through the window. We were getting the ingredients ready to bake cupcakes. I grab flour, sugar, butter and the eggs. [mid grade]

We were in the kitchen. We cleaned the surfaces. We were about to bake cupcakes. [low grade]
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