27 Jan 2014


The pen you need is frixion!

Here are some resources to help you get ready for the 11+
type 'telegraph' plus your word into the box below. It will give you a sentence that uses the word correctly.

Tricky Words
robust adj solid, strong, tough, likely to do what it's supposed to do without breaking or falling apart
irate adj vey angry
slovenly adj to describe a person (very sloppy/messy in personal appearance, e.g. walking around with beans down their front)
lucid adj (for a person, making a lot of sense: for an idea, it means clear) e.g. he gave a very lucid explanation. OR he was hit by a falling brick, but seemed surprisingly lucid.
harrowing adj very disturbing
creek noun a river that looks like it has been cut into the ground, in a sheltered place, can also be a river mouth (but a gentle one).
isolate verb to separate out and put something on its own
stifle verb squash, smother, suffocate
malicious adj with bad intentions
sanctimonious adj someone pretending to be religious, a bit of a hypocrite
blase adj someone who says it's fine, when it probably isn't: a bit too casual
rueful adj full of sadness or regret
liaison noun a meeting (maybe a sneaky meeting)
morbid adj thinking about death a lot
pedantic adj fussy, insisting on the rules (in a way that's annoying)
stringent adj strict, thorough
canny adj clever, wise, cunning
tobogganing verb sledging
souse verb to drench with water (put totally in water)
inquisitive adj curious, questioning personality
impudent adj very, very rude (saucy or brazen)
interchanged verb to swap objects around
youth noun, a young person, or 'young-ness'
indolent adj lazier than the laziest thing ever
tableux noun (a bit like a 'scene')
anecdote noun a funny or interesting little story people tend to tell
cyclops noun - a creature from greek mythology, big with one eye
centaur noun - a creature from greek mythology, half man half horse (man's head and torso)
neuralgia noun Victorian, a type of headache
virtues abstract noun good (or holy) qualities
amicable adj friendly
ennui abstract noun - just so bored and tired of everything
decrepit - adj, massively broken, decayed, ruined, or falling to bits
abominably - adv. terribly badly
stifle - verb. squash it, silence it
chivvying - verb. to hurry/ encourage someone
invalid - adj. either disabled or incapable OR doesn't count
institution - adj. important, official organisation
gusto - noun, enthusiasm
petulant - adj. sulky
ominously - adv. worringly
equestrian - adj. (horsey) to do with horses
impertinence - noun. rudeness
skittishly - adv. won't stay still
loftily - adv. mightily
vexed - adj. annoyed
impromptu - adj. spontaneous
gaunt -adj. thin and hollow
jubilant - adj. the biggest happiness and joy and feeling of awesomeness (I won!)
gastroenteritis - a bad stomach bug

observation (something you've noticed) noun (you can't hold it, like a potato, but you can give it to someone)
reprovingly (in a telling-off kind of way) adverb
resentful (bitter, won't let go of little things) adjective
affair (important happening) noun
desolate (really, really, really, really sad) adjective
evidently (obviously, as shown by the evidence) adverb
astute (very clever, sharp, wise) adjective
empathy (like kindness, thoughtfulness) adjective
guffaws (laughs in a jolly way, like Santa Claus) verb, or noun
decidedly (definitely) adverb
awe noun (massive respect, like you would have for God)
adjective is: awesome, awful, awe-inspiring
adverb: awfully 

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