19 Dec 2013


Description of an AVALANCHE

Re-write your description (type it up). Include some similes please, and also more danger and drama. Get describing words to show a person's fear here.

learn to use similes. :-)
learn to use sensory language.

Write a description about this room using similes:
What is a simile?
It's a way of comparing two things. It puts a picture in someone's head. It uses the words - like or as:
he was as fat as the sun
her hands were as cold as a freezer
he looked like a snowman
he eats like a pig
he snores like an earthquake
she eats like a horse

Similes about the picture:
like Atlantis
like a long-forgotten world
like a room underwater
like hammered copper
light like a thousand stars falling
chairs like skeletons
like a heap of burned matches

Complex Vocabulary
luminous, illuminated
brittle, fragile

Mood Words for WHITE
When we write we try to create feelings for the reader:

Similes for snow:
like white gloss paint
translucent as fine bone china 
delicate as eggshell (fragile)
snow had a dull sheen like a boiled egg (bouncy, soft)
the sunset lit the snow pale pink like fresh cream
snow dusted the buildings like icing sugar
snow was old, grey like old bandages
snow covered the hills like toilet paper
snow was like week-old toothpaste, crusted up the walls of the house