14 Nov 2013

What is a Hero? KS3 Writing 11+ and Common Entrance Exam

What Makes a Good Hero?
(based on a chat I had with a tutee, aged 10)

“Superman is a good hero because he saves people. He has an extraordinary look, which is dressing up in an over the top costume, as if he is a character from a cartoon book - which he is. As a character he is aimed at children who might like him because he was cool, strong and he could fly. I would love to be able to fly. If I could, I would do loop the loop really fast, swoop down on people, pretend to stand on their heads by hovering and of course, I would fly to school and astonish all my school friends. It would help me in rugby but not in football because in football you are kicking the ball and it would just fall to the ground although you could do some skills in the air. In rugby, however, you hold the ball and so you could just dive onto the try line.
Batman cannot be a hero because he has got no actual super powers. He is just an ordinary person with a very fast car like Jensen Button, who is also a hero in some ways because he is such a talented racer. To drive so fast must feel scary but also exciting at the same time and I would not like to do it because you could get killed. There are lots of situations where famous heroes almost get killed. Why do they take these risks?”

Fun Stuff to Do:
1. Who would win in a fight? Superman or James Bond?

2. Write about a heroic film you have seen and why you liked it.

3. Write a description of a monster/bad guy and how he is planning to attack the hero.

4. Who is the best hero in a book you've read. Who is your favourite film hero? Best hero in real life?

5. What makes someone a hero?