3 Oct 2013


Write a story about an explosion. Use some plosives: splattered, shattered, splintered, matter. The guns battered out position for days. Bombs.
Write a description of a forest to create a mood and atmosphere. You can use some of the ideas below:

There was a forest. It had lots of trees. It was dark. There were also some twigs.

I edged nervously towards the forest, looking behind me all the time to see if they were still following, their red eyes and long fangs etched on my mind. Everywhere I looked, I could see them coming towards me. My heart beat faster.

I crunched through the first autumn leaves, golden, dry and crisp.

There were snakes.
I saw a snake.

Snakes snapped at us, drooling from the branches, like creepers with needle-sharp fangs

There were wolves.
Wolves were howling in the creepy forest .

Monkeys swinging side to side like a rollercoaster about to flip over.
Slender, soft, brown, glimmering, glistened, kind, wrinkled, springy, slick, tough knuckles, wriggling, picking, laughing, like clowns, bananas: ripe, soft, yellow, browning, blackening, sticky sweet, peeled back, waxy, firm, smooth,

Wolves howled, screaming like someone being murdered from the darkness that surrounded us, yellow eyes winking ferociously.

Distant screams sounded in the darkness, coming from all sides, like murder.

walked into the forest, across the forest floor, towards the trees. It was sunny. There were birds and small creatures. There were some flowers and twigs.

There was a crackling noise.

Sounds: Crackling
Light and Shade


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