22 Sep 2013


use 'The Sound of the Shell' to create your own revision quotes / notes. Try to collect 20 of the best, which really sum up the heart of the book.
1. Ralph
2. Piggy
3. Jack and the Choir
4. Simon
Childishness/Adult world (technology-war, destruction)

Next Time...
What are the major themes in Lord of the Flies?
+ childhood, adult world
+ loss of innocence, original sin: Genesis
+ the way Ralph changes
+ relationship between Ralph and Jack - power struggle (Choir - ironic use of religion and fascist symbols)
+ what does Piggy symbolise (glasses) - linked to adult world and technology, death of Piggy is one of the key moments in the fall of civilization (fire) - linked to the pigs
+ death
+ Simon part of choir, throwing a faint 'queer', mystical world of the church - 'candle buds', talking to the beast, lord of the flies, it's in us
+ littleuns - boy with mulberry mark

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