22 Sep 2013


+ Curley's Wife Quotes in Of Mice and Men
+ Background of Women in the Novel
+ What does the title mean?
Thesis statement:
She's an antagonist in a way, powerful and weak at the same time, and also a victim. Yet, when she's found dead, Candy pours abuse on her.
She's the catalyst (the thing that causes the reaction) for the tragedy (i.e. the end of the dream and then Lennie's death). BUT she's also a victim of the tragedy.
Her own loneliness is a driving force and that's something we should pity.

How does Achebe use language to create a sense of pity in Mother in A Refugee Camp?

The title of the poem starts with an indefinite article, by describing the mother in a refugee camp as "A mother in a Refugee Camp", this portrays the mother as 

The indefinite article 'A Mother' in the title portrays her as being non specific and generic, as a general type of motherhood, in an unnatural context: the 'refugee camp'. This creates a certain sense of distance, as if she is not an individual but also increases the pity that so many mothers and children are in this situation that it is a 'type'.

War Photographer Essay

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