10 Sep 2013


AQA Past paper June 2012 for Geography (Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Rock and Land Formations) Practice Paper + Mark Scheme + INSERT

We have revised: Restless Earth, Water on Land

Maths revision:

These links are to help revise all subjects for GCSE at Foundation level on various exam boards. The link to the paper is shown next to the mark scheme for that paper. The best way to use this is to answer the paper, then mark your own work.
If you don't get it right, use your revision guide or class notes to learn that topic again.
All past papers for AQA Science B - Biology B, Physics B and Chemistry B
January 2012

+ Biology Foundation Paper = Mark Scheme
+ Chemistry Foundation Paper = Mark Scheme  + Data Sheet
+ Physics Foundation PaperMark Scheme

June 2012
Biology Foundation Paper = Mark Scheme
Chemistry Foundation Paper Mark Scheme
Physics Foundation Paper = Mark Scheme

All past papers for WJEC English
+ November 2012 part two Writing
+ Examiner's Report on the November Exam

Homework ONE and TWO
Finish the Writing that you were doing.
1. Print the November 2012 Reading Paper and also the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Exam papers and ALSO the mark schemes.
2. Use a highlighter to highlight the key words in question one
3. Read the text and highlight the ten bullet points you need to answer the question.
4. Then read question two, and highlight the key words in the question.
5. Highlight in a different colour the things you would quote to answer this question.
The purpose of this homework is for me to see how well you can pick the important information out of the text and also the questions.

2. How has the writer tried to make this newspaper article interesting? You should write about and comment on: 

  • the use of the photograph;
  • any other ways the writer tries to make the article interesting.

    In the photograph the pile of jam sandwiches is nearly as tall as the boy. It looks disgusting as if how could he eat all that, and only that in one week.In one way it looks too much, and in another way it doesn’t look like proper food because it’s all the same, just boring bread and jam which looks disgusting oozing down.

    The photograph of disgusting jam sandwiches doesn’t look like proper food. It isn’t enough for a week’s food. What’s really shocking is he looks so happy. The writer uses a long list of describing words to suggest health, like ‘white smile’, ‘picture of health’ and ‘thick hair’, which contrasts with the horrible diet. The writer uses contrasts like ‘fussy baby’ with ‘towering teenager’ to add shock to the idea he can still be doing this and somehow have managed to grow.

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