9 Jul 2013

Words to Learn for 11+, Common Entrance, KS3 to GCSE

Essential vocabulary for reading comprehension for ages 11-16.

These words are taken from poetry from Shakespeare to the present day. I use this list to teach meanings and concepts - to boost students' comprehension. It is not intended as a spelling test, or as a list to use in stories / descriptive writing.

The list also includes words which I find students struggle with, based on my own teaching experience. I'm going to add to and edit this list as I use it myself (I'm a UK based private tutor of age 8-18).

How to use the list: click on five of the words to get definitions. Then write a short, 'fifty word story' using them. Get someone who knows how the words are used correctly to check and explain any issues with usage.

If you don't have someone to help you, either:
[1] the dictionary search may show up a sentence which uses the word
[2] or use the search box below. Type in the word you want to learn after the word 'telegraph'. Then you will find the word in context, used correctly, in an article in the Daily Telegraph. Genius!
adversity (adverse)
age (as in 'the golden age', 'the seven ages of man')
ashes (as in, 'ashes to ashes, dust to dust')
branded (marked)
conversion (religious)
founded (ill-founded)
grace (state of grace)
injustice (unjust)
Reason (as a faculty)
state (as in 'state of being', and 'the state')
vault ('to leap', and 'tomb')


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