15 Jul 2013

Oxford Graduate English Tutor: Get Tuition

Every child learns differently.
Tailored resources are totally bespoke, fun and interactive. Escape from boring textbooks and dull, repetitive exercises into a fascinating world designed to keep your child engaged and challenged, building strong foundations not just for English, but for all subjects.

Bespoke tuition brings out the best in your child, drawing on their specific interests and talents, whether that's Maths, Computing, Technology, History, Politics, Languages or Geography.

  • Fun, interactive exercises on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar are keyed into students' own interests, building cross curricular links.
  • Students develop their critical thinking, interpretation and writing skills for life, using resources tailored specifically to their interests: whether that be the Periodic Table, the fall of the Roman Empire, Communism and the Space Race or the General Theory of Relativity.
  • Students are also coached in the way in which they will be tested. We revise from past and model exam papers, looking closely at how they are marked, giving students the knowledge that they really need to succeed.
Find some of my model essays on markedbyteachers.com and at my own education site: ATeacherWrites.com.
Come see the work that I do with tutees - fun, free stuff - updated daily

I also tutor Business Studies A-Level and Sport Science.