15 Jul 2013

English Tuition: Read Reviews

I'm so proud of all my students. Some come for exam preparation. Most are in for the long-haul and I've enjoyed working with them all.

Exams are a stressful time for students and their parents. Trying to help can turn into a battle no one enjoys. Find out more about my qualifications and experience.

Parents comment on how much their relationship with their child has improved since tutoring started. Students enjoy learning.

Here are some of their stories.

Age 8-11, including 11 plus

Uplift from 23% to 64% in ten lessons for a now 12 year-old boy who is very good at Maths and Science but found English baffling. 'The grades in his other subjects have gone up as well!' and he has gained a partial scholarship. He is now aiming for a full scholarship, and claims English is his new favourite subject.

Up from 42% to 96% in her most English assessments only twelve months on for a dyslexic girl who won a place at Brighton College for year 7. Her confidence is over the moon and so are her parents.

Two more students gained entrance to Brighton College after intensive - but painless - preparation. Phew! Well done, guys. Yet another lovely student enjoyed our Maths and English work so much she crashed her way into the fiercely competitive Steyning Grammar School.

Age 11-14

Up from Level 5a to Level 7b in a term and a half for a year 9 student. He's great at Maths and Sciences, but finds English more of a mystery! English is his second language and unfortunately, his poor comprehension skills were reducing his grades in his Science exams - to a C. His most recent Chemistry mock score was an A. He's now in the top sets for his other essay subjects, including English, and his raised actual grade means he's moved from a C prediction at GCSE to an A. Update: this boy is now scoring A*s, with the highest results in his class.

From 45% to 70% in RS for Common Entrance for a great fun, (dyslexic) sporty boy who despised learning, especially RS! Geography. History and English also moved up by at least ten percent. This was a great result as it secured his place at Stowe. Another, somewhat under-confident, quiet student, found his confidence again and secured a place at Hurstpierpoint.

Raised from C grade to A at Edexcel IGCSE in eight weeks of intensive lessons, starting with 1.5 hours, moving to 4.5 hours per week. Mary was home-schooled for many years, and had minimal English teaching. She was a lovely girl to tutor, and she soaked everything up like a sponge. Mary and her parents were over the moon at her result which she told me was 'all because of your amazing tutoring'. All her hard work paid off.

From D to A* Another recent student raised from a D grade in the mock exams to an A*-grade in her Cambridge IGCSE exam, and from D in the mocks to an A in her final Language Exam. She's a fun girl, very bright and a whizz at Maths. Unfortunately, issues with an overloaded English teacher, not enough homework and problems with lessons caused problems. I'm so pleased for her, and her lovely, stressed-out mum - who's now able to relax.

Controlled Assessment at GCSE moved from average of C to an A grade for a Year 11 boy beginning to lose confidence in his English teacher.
I worked so hard with this student and almost counted him as my only fail out of hundreds of students. He didn't want to engage at all and eventually quit lessons. Though he grabbed a B in Literature, he bombed Language with a D grade. Luckily, he came back for his re-takes and after only two intensive sessions, won the C graded he so needed.

Building relationships is so important. For dyslexic boys, or those who just don't get school, who've failed and failed, academic work can be torture. I've worked with so many of these boys. Their C and B grades may be even more important to me than the A*s of the more able. Better grades open doors. More importantly, I want to give them their confidence back.

An intensive April-June course in all subjects brought a solid set of above-prediction results for a none-too keen male student and relief for his long-suffering mum. We had a lot of fun drawing kooky revision maps, playing with French vocab, Physics, Chemistry, Geography and of course, English.

Web Help
"I emailed you a while back telling you that your website proved very helpful during my revision for my Of Mice and Men WJEC exam. I got my results back yesterday and I had an A* and UMS mark 70/70 (equivalent to 48,49 or 50/50!) I was absolutely amazed and can say that I owe much of it to your website which helped me to achieve my personal target grade and exceed my school’s predicted grade for me (A). Thank you so much! I cannot be more appreciative of your time and effort inputted into the website."

"I'm not sure if you remember but a couple of months ago when I asked for some tips to answer the English Language paper (since we were entered early for it in November) and you replied back with extremely helpful information. I'm happy to inform you that I received an A for English language GCSE! I'm incredibly pleased! I shared your tips with my friends as well and we all got the grades we wanted. Thank you so much for you help! What's more interesting, though, is that I'm one mark off an A*."

Sixth Form
Tutoring a dyslexic student who moved from private school to sixth form college who found the lack of support and structure difficult:

Up from a D to an A in the most recent AS-Level exam.

'Melanie is very reliable and focussed on helping my son who has gained confidence in essay writing, research skills and exam technique, including handling the calculations and core concepts on his business studies papers. She makes things that seem difficult so much easier and even fun. Overall, in all his subjects, he is now happy and achieving two grades higher than expected.'

In School:
Nominated in July 2012 for Pearson's Teaching Awards.

Students' Comments
'I'm really proud of my progress because the work is easier to understand now' 'the best English teacher we've had', 'I'm doing so much better', 'I learned how to be better in essays and basically everything because of the way we were taught', 'I didn't enjoy English very much before having Mrs K. This year I have learned so much and the main thing is I can remember key words and techniques used in each topic.'

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