18 Jun 2013

We Just Got Nominated for an Award! Please Vote! I will love you forever!

So excited that the site just got nominated for a blogging award! If you like the site, please vote by clicking on one of these luminous pink buttons! It will take you to the Circle of Moms voting page where you'll need to scroll down until you find the TeacherWrites monster.

We're almost four months old, with 30,000 unique readers each month, reading a total of 90,000 pages.

If you like this blog, please share it, either on Facebook, The Student Room, Twitter, Tumblr, snip one of my pictures for Pinterest or pop it on Google Plus.

Site URL is: http://ATeacherWrites.com

To celebrate, I've mashed up a new logo, and a new topic: I'm Bored - Show Me Something Interesting! Best go away and think of something interesting to write!