Printer Friendly: Spelling Punctuation Grammar Mistakes for GCSE English Language Exam

Imagine this: an examiner, sitting at a screen, marking your script, scoring one essay every few minutes. They're looking for great writing, and also for accuracy. A few minor slips will be forgiven. But if you're messing up consistently, you will lose marks.

To stay in mid-band and above, avoid:
[1] they're/their/there
[2] we're/were/where
[3] you're/your/your
[4] of/off
[5] to/too

[1] dosent (for doesn't)
[2] ov (for of)

Punctuation and Grammar
[1] i instead of I, im for I'm
[2] Capital letters Where there should Be no capital Letters
[3] no capital letters
[4] cant or wont use apostrophes
[5] apostrophe's show's up in very weird place's
[6] Short. Sentences. Like. This. Which. Go. On. And. On. And. On.
[7] No full stops anywhere not even when you start a new sentence please you must not do this it is horrible to read i can even feel my brain trying to escape out of my ear
[8] No paragraphs. What were you thinking? Put them in like this //

The stuff below won't stop you hitting the mid-band. But it will stop you hitting the top band (A-A*)

When Good Punctuation Goes Bad
[1] Too many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!
[2] Ellipsis... all over... the place... like it was written... by a... maniac.
[3] Semi-colons are; used almost; completely at; random.
Too Many Simple SentencesI eat cheese. Cheese is great. I like it on toast. Sometimes I melt it. Sometimes I don't.
All Sentences Start in the Same Way. Either:[1] The man did this. The man did that. The man did the other.
[2] I did this. I did that. I did the other.

Finally, please, please check your work!
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