19 Jun 2013


Eating Meat Information
Homework: use the link above to cut and paste information from all three articles into a word/pages document. You need to select information carefully.

How to Use a Semi Colon
Good Words for Writing to Argue

Week ONE
Homework: Explain what is happening in Ted Hughes' poem Wind and what effects the language/words/phrases create. Make connections between phrases if you can. Please include short quotations of key words.
Use this link to help you.


learn what is
sensory langauge
pathetic fallacy

Write a description of a place which creates a strong mood. You can have the mood change part way through. You can also use the examples we've studied to base your description on.
It doesn't have to be a story, but it does help if you move through the landscape.
e.g. there's a storm and you have to go outside to shut the car windows/fetch the dog/look for something very important
e.g. at the beach, it's too hot, sticky - going into the water.
More interesting describing words for stories.

The Creative Writing Page


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