1 May 2013

New Look Site, Crazy Counters and Biscuits!

It's been crazy this month with extra GCSE and IGCSE revision, building a new look site and producing a hundred new posts. There's a new site navigation help page too, to help you rummage out all the goodies I've hidden in here.

The visitor counter has gone crazy, with thousands of hits per day! Yikes! Whoever you are, the monster says Hello! If you like the site, like us on Facebook and share the love! It's all free, and ad-free, and we need more friends!
There are new pages for my students, so if you stumble on a page full of links with someone's name at the top, that's why. If you're lucky, you might find one of my students is doing the exact same thing as you, and you can use it too!

On the home front, Amazing Maths Boy took a scholarship test this morning, so we were pretty nervous at Monster Towers today.
The conversation went like this.
Me: [sweating] Make sure you read the question properly. Highlight key words. If there's one you can't do, go back to it later.

[After the tests...]

Me: So [trying to sound casual] how was it?
AMB: We got biscuits.
ME: Anything else?
AMB: They were ginger biscuits.
Me: Anything interesting happen?
AMB: They were very thick. Tasted of ginger.

If you're revising, good luck. Have a great month and keep coming back. New posts will be popping up thick and fast.

Watch out, too, for the latest post on my Huffington Post blog with lots more about education.


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