2 May 2013


Write about one of these titles in any way you wish (make a plan):
'Fantasy Land.'

How does the writer create mood and atmosphere:
How to be specific.
What not to write:
The writer uses alliteration in they have 'dug dozens of ditches'. This creates a dramatic effect as there are lots of violent plosive 'd' sounds.

What to write:
The writer personifies Mother Nature, to suggest that the war is so bad that even nature is being hurt, though she is large, like a goddess. Her emotions of being 'hurt' are juxtaposed with being 'angry' as if the 'sandstorms' are revenge. Hurting nature suggests the war is unnatural, against nature. However what the government is doing is worse. The writer uses plosives in 'black' smoke and 'burned' to show the violence being done to the country and the 'fire engine red' sky is a deep, angry shade, creating an air of menace, 'purple' like a bruise.

For the writing section:

Ask your teacher, what is the code of the exam that I am sitting in May/June please? Chemistry/Bio/Phys/Maths - if they won't tell you the code, as them what is the name and year of the spec we are following. Or you can ask them to recommend which past paper you should download.
+Woman in Black mainpage

Of Mice and Men - social and historical context

Essay on Ted Hughes', Hawk Roosting

All Poetry Resources including a link to Model Essays

Resources for Of Mice and Men

Questions for the Duke:
1. describe when you first saw your wife - was it through a painting, did someone give a description of her? Did you ever go to her house. Was it too late at that point?
2. How did it feel when you saw all the gold? When was it first mentioned? What was her father like? Mother? Household?
3. What are you spending all your gold on? Can you describe it?
4. Do you sleep in the same room? Eating meals together?
5. Why have you commissioned a portrait of her?
6. What are mealtimes like? What activities do you do together?
7. What especially annoys you about her?
8. Describe the view from your castle. Describe the inside.
9. Describe first meeting the painter and setting up the rooms.
10. Tell me about when your Claus of Innsbruck arrived? How did your wife react?



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