9 Apr 2013

Do NOT Do This: Essential Last Minute GCSE English Revision Help

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Don't Make Me Angry!

Phrases That Will Make Your English Teacher Reach for the Red Pen

this creates a good effect <cringes>

this creates a very dramatic effect <shrivels>

this makes us want to read more  <shrieks>

this creates an interesting effect  <screams>

But why? I specifically noticed that the writer created 'a good effect' when I was reading.

Obviously the writer has created a good, dramatic and interesting effect that makes us want to read more. You are reading one of the finest works in the English/American Literary Canon. Well done for enjoying it though! It's a big step.

What your teacher really wants to know is what exact effect is created on the reader, and what dazzlingly subtle techniques does the writer combine, skilfully, to achieve it. How does character change, what are the themes and how do they develop? 

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