30 Mar 2013

Using Mind-Maps to Revise: Not Just for Dyslexics

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These are mind maps that I made with a dyslexic A-Level student to understand the concepts in BUS1 and BUS2 for AS Business Studies.

These mind maps are a mixture of diagrams and notes from the textbook. We also explored how the concepts would relate to imaginary businesses, e.g. Melanie Tutor's Magic Pea Factory, The Three Little Pigs Building Co. and The Big Bun Company.  

Why did this work so well?
We applied our new knowledge as we talked about imaginary examples, then looked at the case studies. We went over the same topics again and again, making links between them. We did a lot of this through drawing pictures and having chats.

We also completed a lot of past papers - once we understood each topic. My student marked his own essays, making his own notes. If there was anything we didn't understand, we went back to the textbook.

We aimed for 100%. If there were any gaps in his knowledge, we made sure to work on them till we closed the gap. We revised every topic (as listed on his Business Studies syllabus), learned definitions and practised the calculations until we knew them inside out, upside down and back to front.

He's predicted a D. He gained an A in the first unit.

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