21 Mar 2013

Punctuation Challenge: Could You Do This Simple School Exercise?

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Today, I discovered that using semi colons elegantly is extremely difficult. Unfortunately, I discovered this during a tutorial. My student watched, mildly horrified as I battled, cross-eyed, to pop one out.

After gargantuan effort, here's what we produced. All of the examples are mine, except one, which my student wrote. Can you spot which one was his?

If you want to see how hard this is, see if you can put one together then post it in the comments box below. Kids are expected to use semi-colons at school. Could you?

1. London traffic doesn’t flow; it oozes.
2. In the Nineteenth Century, Europeans sent missionaries to Africa; now, Africa is on a mission to Europe.
3. Waves battered the shore; inland was deathly calm.
4. Winter was cold, wet and miserable; summer was worse.