6 Mar 2013


Equations with Surds (aka 'square roots', i.e. square root of 9 = 3, BUT root of 5=?)
I'm an English teacher and tutor. I live, breathe, love English. I find it stupidly easy. So why have I started Maths A-Level, at my age, with three kids and a demanding job? Why am I doing it when it gives me the Fear?

I ask myself this daily, at about 6.15 am when I get up in the dark, get out my books and start doing equations with Surds, get half of them wrong, want to give up, but go over them again until I can do it.

The last time I did Maths was at GCSE - almost two decades ago. I got a creditable A - and danced because I'd never have to do another simultaneous equation in my life. Or so I thought...

Why Do Maths When it Gives me the Fear?

1. For my kids. The eldest is about to hit secondary and I want to help him with his Maths. That's how much I love him.

2. It frightens me, and I read somewhere you should do something that frightens you every day.

3. It gets easier the more you do it. Getting better at something that's tough, feels amazing. Now I know how my kids feel.