2 Mar 2013

How to Get Level 6 in Writing

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Level 6 Writing ranges from 6c, which is the lowest, up to 6a. A Level 6a would include most of the below, skilfully. 6c would show some features, with some degree of control. You might want to bookmark this page as I keep adding more links.

In Level 6, proofreading and attention to detail are key.

What are teachers looking for?

- Very accurate punctuation for things like apostrophe -'s, apostrophes for I'm, let's, don't, and moreWork also includes more complex punctuation, e.g. colons, semi-colons and speech punctuation used correctly, dashes (-) or (- -) and ellipsis (...) and no crazy use of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!

- Complex vocabulary, spelled correctly on the whole and more interesting vocabulary

- Complex sentence structure: i.e. sentences don't always begin with words like: 'I / He / Name / The'

- Long AND short sentences and paragraphs

- Complex connectives (not just 'and', 'because', 'also', 'then')

- Special techniques like rhetorical questions, lists, similes, metaphors and personification   

Find examples of how to use personificationFind out more about metaphor the fun way

- A strong mood is created through sensory language, skilfully building up tension, and use of pathetic fallacy.