26 Feb 2013

How to Print off FREE Handwriting Practice Worksheets

I've just made some free handwriting worksheets, so if you'd like them, pop your email address in the box below. I don't share this email with anyone else. You can unsubscribe from the list whenever you like.

Or you can take your chances on this site below. I've used this with students with varying degrees of success...
1. The site is messy, and full of ads, so you'll need to scroll down.

2. Change the letter size to the smallest and alter layout to A4 portrait.

3. type in the text that you want your child to copy. I recommend starting with the absolute basics (even for a ten year old). Join up the letters of the alphabet. It will probably take 2x 15 minute attempts to complete the entire alphabet - maybe more.

4. Once your child is comfortably joining the alphabet, ask them to form the same letters on their own in the space underneath where they traced over the letters.

5. Then give them joined up combinations of two letters like: ababa cucucu dododo efefafa, phphph, ghghgh, chchch, making sure you cover the whole alphabet. It's nice to pick out common letter groups (like 'ing' 'gh' 'ch' 'sh' 'ph' 'ea' 'ie' 'ei').

6. Move onto words: the, that, when, where, was - making sure that you include all combinations of letters. It's good to do common words first, then more unusual ones.

Beware: do no more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time. Handwriting practice is important - but boring! Give small rewards as needed.